About Us

We are a team built around providing the best guest experience calling on over 30 years of working in hospitality and catering. We care about food and drink but more importantly where it comes from and minimising our footprint on the planet.


George and Sarah are the owners; George is the creative brain behind all the things you eat and Sarah looks after all things front of house. Their hospitality experience spans across most areas of the industry. 

Cornwall Place Kitchen (or CPK for short) gave the original business, Inspires Dining, a home. What started as a side venture to their full time jobs teaching hospitality to students at college turned into a full time venture just off the High Street in Buckingham in Autumn 2020 (lockdown project!).

The CPK team is small but really cares about every customer having a good time, especially if you have four legs and are covered in fur.


To cook some really good food with a lot of love, in an environment where everyone feels welcome and leaves having the best customer experience whilst minimising the impact on the environment.


As a small business it is important to support other local small businesses, we buy as much as we can as local as we can. You will often see us in the butcher’s and in the market.

Minimising our footprint has been a day one concept, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and packaging and reduce carbon miles where we can.

The health and wellbeing of the CPK team is above everything else the most important thing to us. Ensuring that staff have a genuine work life balance, decent training, openness to the goals of the business and all the coffee they could ever want to drink.

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